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Sat 26th – Sun 27th June             Sat 3rd – Sun 4th July                 Sat 10th – Sun 11th July

from 11:00 AM to 4:15 PM

(Bookings via the calendar below)

About our Kangaroo Tours

Our ‘Kangaroo Tours’ are run almost entirely by volunteer members of Anglesea Golf Club. You’ll experience a unique chance to see some of our resident kangaroo population of around 300 Eastern Grey Kangaroos, who live in family groups or ‘mobs’. Kangaroos are usually most active from late afternoon until early morning, resting in the shade of trees and shrubs during the day. Kangaroos are marsupials and grazing animals, so they love to eat grass, young shoots, heath plants and trees. Which are all in abundance on our course.

Kangaroo Research

Post-graduate students and academic staff from Melbourne University’s Zoology have conducted a research program since 2004 on the ecology and management of Anglesea’s Eastern Grey kangaroos. Marking individual kangaroos means that they can be followed throughout their life cycle. Collars and ear tags allow researchers to monitor kangaroo movement, growth, survival and reproduction.

Current Covid-19 Protocols for Tour Guests

On arrival into the clubhouse, guests are required to sanitise hands and check in via QR code using their smartphone. They can then purchase tickets at the Bar and make themselves comfortable in the clubhouse. Maximum seating allowed is for 10 passengers only. All passengers are required to wear a mask while on tour.

Safety Advice

For the safety of guests, we advise that on total fire ban days, strong winds, or when temperatures reach 37 degrees Celsius, the Club reserves the right to cancel tours. Pre-booked tours will be refunded.

For the safety of guests, please follow your Driver’s instructions before, during and after the tour. Our golf course can be a dangerous place when golfers are playing. Your tour driver will also give you advice on how close to get to kangaroos, managing children and noise levels. Kangaroos are very social animals, but it’s important to remember that they can also be quite aggressive if they feel threatened.

On your tour, you’ll learn about their life cycles, habits and more!

Tours started operating mid-2015 and have attracted a fast-growing interest of visitors from around the world. As capacities grow, there has been careful planning to ensure a safe nature-based tour is offered, alongside playing golfers.

On your 25-minute guided tour, our drivers will share interesting facts while taking you to suitable areas to disembark for photos and visit favourite locations, where kangaroos graze and rest. This gives real meaning to the experience of “being up close and personal” with our Australian native icons. If you’re lucky, you might even see a joey (baby kangaroo), peeking from its mother’s pouch!

*Please note tours do not operate on Christmas Day, or the mornings of Good Friday and Anzac Day.

Tour Arrival & Clubhouse Facilities

We recommend arriving at least 15 minutes before your planned tour time, in order to grab a brochure or souvenir, check in with staff for tickets in the Bistro-Bar area of the Clubhouse and use our amenities. Our Bistro overlooking the beautiful 18th Fairway, is open 11am daily for coffee, drinks, light snacks, lunch and dinner. You may like to schedule a meal or coffee break, before or after your tour or even a game of mini golf!

You may view our Disabled Access Statement here.

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