Anglesea Golf Club plays an important part in the community providing recreation and social stimulation for members as well as locals in the surrounding area. The Anglesea Golf Club Foundation raises funds for the development and enhancement of the club’s infrastructure and facilities.

Established in June 2024, the AGC Foundation is a permanent fund, providing a tax effective option for donations from members, through accreditation with the Australian Sports Foundation.

This provides members and partners of the Anglesea Golf Club with the opportunity to contribute to upgrades of the course and its facilities through the Capital Works Fund, or to specific projects that have been identified as important to the club’s growth.

The Club will continue with its Strategic Priorities to grow its current revenue streams; however, these revenues are not sufficient to fund all the projects we would like to undertake for our members and community.

The Foundation provides a permanent fund that is administered independently from regular club operations, that helps to develop and maintain the infrastructure and facilities at Anglesea Golf Club, as well maintain the legacy of the past, improve the present, and develop the future of the Club.


  • AGC Foundation Capital Works Fund – raising $250,000 to be put towards a variety of larger cost infrastructure projects.
  • Range Ball Dispenser located at the Driving Range – raising $13,000 to install a Ball Dispenser with card payment facility.
  • Short-range Practice Facility Reinstatement – raising $25,000 for the restoration of the green and bunkers, construction of new hitting areas and the installation of fencing and irrigation.
  • Relocation and Reinstatement of Ponds on the 15th hole – raising $20,000 to return this to the attractive course feature and make the tee shot fairer for shorter hitting golfers.


The Foundation is managed by a sub-committee consisting of two appointed members of the Board and up to three appointed club members.

The Foundation sub-committee:

  • oversees donations received from present or past AGC members who wish to contribute towards projects that would otherwise not be possible from the normal income sources of the club.
  • administers a capital works fund that allows AGC members, both now and into the future, to see that this great golfing facility is not only preserved but enhanced for the enjoyment of current and future generations.
  • accepts project suggestions from the various AGC sub-committees as well as club members. As each suggested project is reviewed, the sub-committee will recommend to the AGC Board the projects to be undertaken.

The sub-committee consists of the following AGC members:

  • David Jessup – Director appointment and Chair
  • Marg McCarthy – Director appointment
  • Paul Waldren – Member appointment
  • Ted Whitten – Member appointment


Contributions can be made in one of the following ways:

1. A donation (tax deductible) via the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF), either to the general capital works fund or to a specific infrastructure project seeking funds at that time.

    • To find out more detail, and to donate towards the Capital Works Fund, click here.
    • To find out more detail, and to donate towards the Driving Range Ball Dispenser, click here.
    • To find out more detail, and to donate towards the Short-Range Practice Facility, click here.
    • To find out more detail, and to donate towards the Reinstatement of the 15th Tee Ponds, click here.

2. If a tax deduction is not required, you can donate directly to the Foundation, either to the Capital Works Fund or to another specific project seeking funds at that time.
Non Deductible Direct Donation Form 

3. A bequest to the AGC Foundation made in a member’s legally prepared will.

All donations are held in a dedicated Foundation bank account, separate from the AGC operational accounts. An official receipt is provided for all donations.


AGC Members who contribute $2,500 or more will become Foundation Members. All Members of the Foundation will have their name included in a Foundation Register that will be appropriately displayed in perpetuity.